Sacred Union

I dedicate this page to the Sacred Union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine.

The Sacred Union between twins is a metaphor for the Union of humanity. If you are familiar with magick, you know that sympathetic magick works when one object represents another. In this case, when a pair of twins unite, it symbolizes the unity of the human race.

In Paleolithic times, the Divine Feminine was revered as the creator of Earth. Women were honored for their intuitive wisdom, and their ability to procreate. Their sexuality was revered (not just their virginity). The primates of Earth were a feminine species. The men served the women as protectors and hunters.

When the patriarchal religions (Judaism, Islam, and Christianity) came, they oppressed the Feminine. They demonized their sexuality, and placed man above woman. For thousands of years, the brilliance of the Feminine mind has been reduced to mere emotion. The result? The human race is emotionally inept.

The science of psychiatry is evidence that the human race cannot handle their own emotions. They deny their feelings, bottle them, fear them, and belittle each other for having them. A man is discouraged from showing emotions, while a woman’s emotions are dismissed. In the higher realms, emotions are part of the language, and much of this is telepathic.

War is a symptom of an overly masculine society.

Now, in the New Age, it is time for true gender equality. This is not about biological gender. It is about energy. As intuition is recognized for its value, and humans learn emotional intelligence, the Feminine will come into balance with the Masculine. The humans will discontinue war. Science will include the arts of magick and divination. The human mind will expand to greater heights. Most of all, there will be Unity.

The Divine Androgen

The twins merge in the higher dimensions. Thus, they share a Higher Self, which is the Divine Androgen. This is the soul whom has split themselves for the sake of Earth. One day, we shall be One with our twins again, without gender.

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